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Romania Daily News – 17/02/23


12:16 Romania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu held a telephonic conversation on Thursday (Feb. 16) with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias, with the two top diplomats delving extensively into the subject of Romania’s Schengen accession, according to the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

12:11 Romania has the potential to perform in at least three fields, energy, agriculture and the food industry and the IT&C industry, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca told the AMCHAM CEO BUSINESS Forum on Thursday (Feb. 16).

11:48 The speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcel Ciolacu, discussed, on Thursday (Feb. 16), with the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, about organizing a bilateral economic forum in Rome, Italy being Romania’s second commercial partner, Ciolacu wrote on Facebook.


11:01 The European Commission approved a EUR 259 million Romanian Scheme to Support investments in batteries, photovoltaic cells and panels.

10:43 Romania’s finance ministry raised RON 1.02 billion on Thursday (Feb. 16) through two government bond issues, at annual average yields of 6.96% and 7.65%, National Bank of Romania (BNR) data showed.

10:39 Inflation has reached a plateau and will henceforth go down if the monetary and budget policies are appropriate, Fiscal Council chairman Daniel Daianu told a conference on Thursday (Feb. 16).


10:27 The general and life insurance market reached a gross written premium volume of RON16.5 billion, which does not include the gross written premiums of those insurers operating in Romania via the freedom to provide services (FOS) and freedom of establishment (FOE) rights, Ziarul Financiar reported citing preliminary official data.

10:10 With an annual production of 60,000 tons, Romania is the largest producer of walnuts in Europe, ahead of Greece, France and Spain, according to Eurostat data.

10:04 Debts of Romanian companies in insolvency reached 42.6 billion lei in 2021, which means 53% of all payment problems in economy, Florian Neagu, deputy manager of the Financial Stability Department of the National Bank of Romania, told a conference, on Wednesday (Feb.15).

10:00 Romania’s land market remained active in 2022, maintaining trends seen in the past couple of years which marked the best levels since 2007, but decreased by around 45% in volume of deals closed, reaching almost EUR450 million, the Annual Report released by Colliers reveals.



EUR 4.9040GBP 5.5045
USD 4.6075CHF 4.9418
BGN 2.5073MDL 0.2447
(Source: National Bank of Romania BNR)


Deposit facility:6%
Policy rate:7%
Lending facility:8%


15.07% (Jan. 2023) BNR Target 2022: 2.50% (variation band: ± 1pp)


BET -0.38%, BET-TR -0.38%, BET-FI -0.16%, BET-NG -0.52%, BET-XT -0.37%,
BETXT-TR -0.37%, BET-BK -0.28%, RO-TX -0.57%, BETAeRO 0.82%


Bucharest equities head into the weekend in the red mirroring the trend across Europe where major stock exchanges traded lower at the close as investors dissected this week’s economic data.
(Source: BVB)

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