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Romania Daily News – 18/01/23



10:16 Romania has taken over the chairmanship of the Security Committee of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), according to the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE).

09:14 Romania’s Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Tuesday, in an online intervention at the anniversary event dedicated to the 25 years of activity in Romania of the Foreign Investors Council, that the World Bank’s estimates confirm the prospect of constant economic growth for Romania until 2030.

09:01 REPER MEP Dacian Ciolos wrote on Facebook on Tuesday, that the subject of Romania’s accession to Schengen will remain on the European agenda to be solved in favor of our country only with sustained effort from the Government, the president and the ministers with relevant responsibilities, adding that access would not happen automatically, but through proactive negotiation on the part of the authorities.


11:35 The volume of construction works, as gross series, increased by 12.6% in January-November 2022, y-o-y, an advance of 24.6% being recorded in the capital repairs sector, National Institute of Statistics data showed.

11:19 The total industry turnover (domestic market and foreign market) grew by 25.8%, in nominal terms, in January-November 2022, y-o-y, National Institute of Statistics data showed.

11:15 Romanians registered 129,328 new passenger cars in 2022, up 6.7% from 2021, placing Romania 13th in Europe, data from the country’s carmakers association ACAROM and ACEA showed.

10:16 Almost 240,000 square meters of new malls, shopping centers or expansions overall are likely to be delivered this year, triple from 2022, when 82,800 square meters of retail spaces were delivered, according to Colliers.

09:36 Romania’s modern commerce universe exceeded the threshold of 4,000 stores in 2022 after the big retail chains opened more than 400 new units and closed some 20 units, local business daily Ziarul Financiar reported.


10:46 A number of 56,880 people entered Romania through border points, of whom 7,523 were Ukrainian citizens, according to the General Inspectorate of the Border Police (IGPF).



EUR 4.9355GBP 5.6114
USD 4.5455CHF 5.9796
BGN 2.5235MDL 0.2393
(Source: National Bank of Romania BNR)


Deposit facility:6%
Policy rate:7%
Lending facility:8%


16.37% (Dec. 2022) BNR Target 2022: 2.50% (variation band: ± 1pp)


BET 0.98%, BET-TR 0.98%, BET-FI 0.14%, BET-NG 0.03%, BET-XT 0.79%,
BETXT-TR 0.79%, BET-BK 0.98%, RO-TX 1.00%, BETAeRO 0.17%


Bucharest stocks closed higher on Wednesday. The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) is expanding the BVB Research Hub platform by enlarging the number of companies covered by research reports, to include most of the companies in the BET index, as well as other companies, BVB announced on Wednesday.
(Source: BVB)

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