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Romania Daily News – 24/03/23


12:00 President Klaus Iohannis while on Brussels on Thursday (March 23) stated that, at this moment, Romania doesn’t yet meet the criteria regarding the accession to the Eurozone, underscoring that is is not realistic for our country to set a deadline for it, Agerpres reported.

11:55 The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, who is in London, signed an updated version of the Joint Statement on the Romanian-British Strategic Partnership with the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development of Great Britain, James Cleverly.

11:42 Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca expressed, on Thursday, at the end of a meeting with the President of the Parliament in Chisinau, Igor Grosu, his wish to “consolidate the bridges” between Romania and the Republic of Moldova.


17:55 The trade between Romania and Hungary reached a record of almost 15 billion euros in 2022, Romania’s Ambassador to Budapest, Gabriel-Catalin Sopanda, told a press conference on Friday (March 24).

12:00 Romania’s GDP per capita expressed in purchase parity standards (PPS) reached 77% of the European Union’s average in 2022 – up from 74% in 2021 and 57% in 2012, Eurostat data showed.

11:50 The U.S. Ambassador to Bucharest, Kathleen Kavalec, told the General Meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania on Thursday (March 23) that the strength of the economic ties between Romania and the U.S. represents “a key priority” of the bilateral relationship, noting that she intends to make efforts to expand the presence of American companies and investments in Romania.

10:38 Financial analysts part of CFA Romania Association expect 8.62% average inflation for the next 12 months and see the local currency to decline to an average of 5.0390 units per euro.

10:09 Banca Transilvania, the largest lender on the Romanian market by assets, expects to generate net profit of above RON2.3 billion in 2023, 7% above the 2022 level, as it projects rising revenues and lending.

10:04 Romania’s Finance Ministry raised RON500 million on Thursday (March 23) selling bonds maturing in April 2025, at an annual average yield of 7.09%, the National Bank of Romania data showed.

10:01 The Ministry of Finance launches on March 27 the first IPO for FIDELIS government bonds this year with a tranche dedicated to blood donors


17:45 Romania’s main airports as well as the country’s critical air infrastructure projects benefit from almost one billion euros in investments according to an analysis conducted by legal consultancy company ONV Law.



EUR 4.9255GBP 5.6013
USD 4.5904CHF 4.9881
BGN 2.5183MDL 0.2437
(Source: National Bank of Romania BNR)


Deposit facility:6%
Policy rate:7%
Lending facility:8%


15.52% (Feb. 2023) BNR Target 2022: 2.50% (variation band: ± 1pp)


BET -0.77%, BET-TR -0.77%, BET-FI 0.61%, BET-NG -1.16%, BET-XT –0.64%,
BETXT-TR –0.64%, BET-BK -1.28%, RO-TX -1.89%, BETAeRO -0.62%


Bucharest stocks head into the weekend lower as investors took stock of a week of central bank rate hikes and the latest news from the banking sector. In Germany, Deutsche Bank’s shares plummeted following a sudden jump in credit default swaps that insure bondholders against default, pulling the markets in Europe down.
(Graph source: BVB)

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