Romanian Market News

Romanian Market Daily News – 07/12/22


EUR 4.9186GBP 5.7021
USD 4.6835CHF 5.9766
BGD 2.5148MDL 0.2397
(Source: National Bank of Romania BNR)


Deposit facility:5.75%
Policy rate:6.75%
Lending facility:7.75%


15.32% (Oct. 2022) BNR Target 2022: 2.50% (variation band: ± 1pp)


BET -0.63%, BET-TR -0.63%, BET-FI 0.87%, BET-NG -0.65%, BET-XT -0.53%,
BETXT-TR -0.53%, BET-BK -0.27%, RO-TX -0.75%, BETAeRO 0.03%
(Source: Bucharest Stock Exchange BVB)


17:57 Romania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, welcomed, on Wednesday via Twitter, the vote in the Dutch Parliament in support of Romania’s accession to Schengen.

11:14 Romania will negotiate until the last moment and will plead for a vote on its accession to the Schengen Area at the JHA Council on Thursday, Agerpres reported citing government sources.

11:11 The migration problems facing Austria cannot be attributed to Romania, Minister of Internal Affairs Lucian Bode wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

10:39 Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer stated on Tuesday (Dec. 6) that Austria opposes the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the Schengen area, Digi24 reported.


10:25 As against the same quarter of 2022, Romania’s Gross Domestic Product recorded an increase by 4.0% for the unadjusted series and by 4.7% for the seasonally adjusted series, National Institute of Statistics (INS) data showed.

10:18 The draft budget for next year is configured on an economic growth of 2.8%, according to the draft state budget law for 2023 published on Tuesday (Dec. 6) by the Ministry of Finance.

10:09 The European Investment Bank’s (EIB) Bank Lending Survey reveals that banks in Central, Eastern And Southeast Europe expect rising demand for credit within the next six months.

10:05 Romania’s three-month ROBOR index, based on which the cost of consumer loans in lei with variable interest is calculated, stood at 7.75% a year on Monday (Dec 5) after being on a downward trend at the beginning the month, National Bank of Romania data showed.


18:57 Dennis Selinas, the future CEO of the largest office investor and landlord of choice in CEE Globalworth, has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Real Estate Investors in Romania (AREI), for the next two years.

10:15 The evolution of the Romanian economy in the unpredictable and difficult context of the current crises heavily depends on the ability of the business environment to resist, to reinvent itself and to find financing for development, Cristina Chiriac, president of the National Association of Entrepreneurs (ANAA) told the Romanian Venture Forum, the first international venture capital forum in Romania, held on Tuesday.

09:48 Bucharest continued to see rising housing demand last month with 6,435 units being traded in the capital city and the Ilfov country, up 30% from the 4,946 in the same period a year ago, data from the national cadaster agency ANCPI showed.


11:42 More than eight out of ten (82.1%) households in Romania have internet connection in 2022, up 1.3% compared to the data posted in 2021, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS).


17:19 More than two-thirds of Romanians (69.7%) believe that energy prices have increased as a result of the wrong decisions made by the state authorities, according to the Energy Barometer, launched by INSCOP Research.

10:55 A number of 66,109 people entered Romania through border points throughout the country, of whom 7,427 were Ukrainian citizens, increasing by almost 3% compared to the previous day, according to the General Inspectorate of the Border Police (IGPF).

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